The Clumsy Milkmaid

This post is dedicated to my time at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

A year ago I took a leap of faith and I auditioned for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. I’ve enjoyed this festival since I was a child and I had heard about auditioning for a role in the festival several years ago and finally made myself do it. I was cast as the Clumsy Milkmad whom I names Elisabeth of Dover and, boy!, was it an experience I will never forget.

I’ve always enjoyed acting and improve has been a favorite and I got to invest my 2016 year on just that. After being cast you have the reigns on who your character is and bringing Elisabeth to life was really fun – she turned out to be a lol like me, since I’m pretty clumsy.

It’s really fun doing this dedication so far away from my time at the festival. I met some really great people, made some amazing memories, and struggled through some rough parts and now I’m in a pretty cool perspective point.

Currently, the festival is in it’s recruiting phase and I have no plans on rejoining the cast in the same capacity. At this point I attend Monday Night Dinners, Tuesday and Thursday Walking group and when I can Recruitment parties and Workshops and with no further commitment I’ve made even more friends that I missed out last year, built up new friends having no limits on my interactions, and experienced more on this side than I did the first time around.

Not to mention, I’m starting to learn the significance of Elisabeth’s presence in the lanes. I was known for a few gimmicks in the lanes: standing on my bucket, chasing “moos” from cast members as I searched for missing cows, creating big scenes with my walking partner The Baker’s Wife, and overall being lovingly obnoxious about cows and who to vote for in Canterbury’s own election. This last recruitment party I made an appearance without even attending! They had made a miniature milkmaid standing on a bucket. I’ve been asked multiple times if I am returning as the milkmaid and if not if Elisabeth would be making an appearance.

Overall, this was one for the books. I got to see a side of the festival I’ve never seen. I met people that are truly amazing. I got to spend time doing things I love in a place I’ve always adored. I spent weekends entertaining strangers by making a fool of myself (which is great fun for me!) and I had a chance to really learn a lot about myself. Not to mention, this gave me something to focus on immediately following a long term relationship’s end.

It’s an adventure I’ll always remember and maybe someday I’ll tell you more about it.


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