Personality Type: Paradox

What’s your personality type?

For the longest time I’ve been nothing short of an paradox.

I act and crave for happiness and at the same time remember everything that makes me sad.

I’m 100% ambitious yet I spend a lot of time lazing around, doing things that are unproductive.

I’m a big dreamer and I dream big but I forget to dream and lack motivation to follow my dreams.

I don’t like myself however I’m totally in love with who I am.

I say I don’t care, but guaranteed I do.

I crave attention, but I reject it when it comes my way.

One minute I have my life all planned out and the next I’m taking it day by day with hardly an immediate plan for the future.

I want more physical affection like hugs and platonic cuddles, and at the same time I want space from everyone and everything.

I want to make new friends but when I get closer to people I start to pull away instinctively.

It’s incredibly confusing to have a complex, onion-layered personality that can change day-by-day or remain constant over years and years. How do I go about it? How do I figure it out?

Well truthfully, I’m twenty-two years old. Considering the average life-span of 75 years I have some time to really figure myself out (even though we’re not promised tomorrow). Until that time, it’s about being flexible – I know, easier said than done. I’ve learned that this trait came with my innate personality. I adapt and flexibility comes naturally, despite being stubborn (remember, I’m a paradox).

What about you? Are you a paradox?

Because I have news for you:

We’re not alone.


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