The little things in life…

What did you do today?

My day began running a little late, having slept longer than I intended. I scrambled around my tiny apartment to find some wooden cross charms and waxed cotton thread for my preschoolers to make necklaces this afternoon. I ended up making a Walmart run before work to get more beads and rushed to work pulling in, just in time.

This day was fairly normal at preschool with my typical class. Everyone was forced inside due to the Midwest’s inability to pick which season it wants to be in.┬áSince the end of last week my kiddos have been crazy about this wooden cross necklace I wear sometimes. When I told them I had made it myself they began to ask if I was willing to make one for them. Considering those asking were pre-K students at our school I offered to bring in my supplies and they could make their own necklace. This little boy and little girl jumped for glee and all week they’ve been asking “How many more days till we make our necklaces??”

Today was finally the day and today was also room change day – an entire overhaul of our room’s toys and decor for a whole new month. New toy rotation and the long awaited cross necklaces.

After room change was finished I had twelve kids brought back to my room from snack and their faces were all aglow with spirits and energy through the roof. This same old room that we’re in everyday was suddenly a wonderland of a certain newness that sometimes you only see in a child.

A few new toys and some wooden crosses and these 3-5 year old kids were awestruck. That’s all it took. Long awaited necklace-making and some well loved toys making their way through seven different classrooms each month.

Where does that wonder go? I love working with kids because it’s impossible to forget the joy you experience in the little things.

I ask what you did today because I want to know:

Did you have a big test to take?

Did you start a new job?

Did you sit through a boring meeting that could’ve been just an email?

Did you lose someone you love?

Did the doctor announce an illness wreaking havoc in your body?

Did you get stuck in traffic?

I ask what you did today because I want to know: did you miss something?

For four days these five year olds were counting down to a necklace like Miss Kylie’s and today they had a hay-day with a few beads and wooden crosses on string.

In all the craziness of life did you miss out on that warm hug from your child? A text from a long-time friend? Did you miss that the network was playing your favorite movie? Did you catch that, while sitting in traffic, your all-time favorite song came on the radio? Did you happen to see an awe-inspiring sunrise or sunset to start or end what could be called a terrible, no good, bad day?

I challenge you, don’t forget about the small things that can give you the greatest joy.


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